Fire Fee will be added to all reservations. $10 per night.

Dogs are welcome at The lodge

By bringing your dog to The Lodge, you agree to the following terms:

  • My dog is not aggressive; up to date with vaccinations and is well socialized with other animals and other people. My dog is free of ticks and fleas.
  • My dog will be on a leash and under my control when on the property.
  • I will clean up after my dog and dispose of any waste in the trash cans located by the Lodge deck and by the dumpster.
  • I will notify the front desk of any dog “accidents” immediately and request any special cleaning efforts.
  • A cleaning fee will be assessed for rooms that require excessive cleaning due to stained bedspreads or furniture.
  • I will assume financial responsibility for any damage caused by my dog during our stay. Our housekeepers check the rooms for any damage or dog scratches.
  • If you leave your dog unattended in the rooms please be advised that any damage made to the cabin will be added onto your bill.
  • If you would like our staff to take your dog for a walk during their stay please let the front desk know and we will gladly walk them.
  • If you leave your dog in the cabin our housekeepers will not clean the room. If you would like your cabin cleaned that day please let us know when the dog will be out on a walk so that the housekeepers can get into the room.
  • We ask that you do not give your dogs a bath in our shower or tubs. We have hoses on all the cabins that you can use with the dog towels provided.